Mond Employment Cards

Coniston Smelter workers 1916, Left to right: Nick Chmara, Fred Chuey, Pasqualle Caverson, ?, Dan Forestell, John Dale ?, John Farnel, ?.

Coniston men at Ore Bins, Mond Nickel Company, Front sitting: John Storozuk, Nick Yrcha. Back standing: Charlie Mislinski, ?; Elie Rainville, John Solski, Philip Storozuk, & Frank Kilimnik.

Victoria Mine Townsite. Photos City of Greater Sudbury Heritage Museums Collection

The Sudbury District Branch has produced a searchable listing of the names of people whom were hired by the ‘Mond Nickel Corporation’ in the Sudbury – Copper Cliff – Coniston areas of Ontario, Canada.

The Mond Nickel Corporation was the mining company that preceded the International Nickel Company (Inco) in the time period of c.1883 to c.1925.

Anyone who worked for Mond would have one of these ‘Employment Notice’ cards filled out.  This site will allow you to search for your ancestor’s name and then purchase a copy (in .jpg format) of the ‘Employment Notice Card’.

Once you have located an ancestor’s name in the listing, go to ‘Online Store‘.

The Mond data is a two-sided card with information given at the time of hiring as well as wage increases and various job sites during an employee’s work history with the Mond Nickel Corporation, see the blank samples opposite.  Not all lines are filled out on all cards, only those that were required by the Company during job history.

Names may be entered on more than one card due to the seasonal nature of employment, work stoppages, or relocations.

Instructions to Order

Be sure to try different spellings of the name as spelling was not a priority!  Also, within some ethnic communities it was common to use a last name as a first name and visa versa, so be sure to check variations of the name you are searching for. 

Mond Name List