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September 2022
Library Resources What’s Old is New Again by Kristen Bertrand
June 2022
What’s happening with the Sudbury District Branch
May 2022
Discovering the Power of WikiTree by Mags Gaulden
September 2021
Dieter Buse, Ellen Heale & Mike More 
December 2020
Christmas in the Sudbury District
November 2020
Remembering our Military Families presented by Lynn Gainer, Nancy Vaillancourt, Debbie Pretz, and Art Taylor
May 2020
Victorian Occupations by Kirsty Gray
February 2020
Biography’s Dilemmas: Clues and Complexities in writing the life of Madge Watt by Dr. Linda Ambrose
January 2020
Ladies of the Lake presented by Paul Haynes
November 2019
Untold: Northeastern Ontario Military Past presented by Dieter Buse
January 2019
Treasures From the McLeod Trunk presented by Lynn Gainer

This home was situated on John St in Sudbury overlooking Lake Ramsey. It was built in 1910 by William Alexander MacLeod, a mining engineer from Scotland for his new bride Florence Northrop. Florence was a niece to Florence Howey and her husband Dr. Howey, (the first doctor to come to Sudbury in 1882). The house was named “Dunvegan” after William’s birthplace in Scotland.

The large tract of land that the house sat on was purchased from Andrew McNaughton, the police magistrate for Nipissing and Algoma, and the house was built by Master Builder Fred Roach.

The photo on the far left is of Florence Northrop as a young lady. She was born in Forest, ON in 1872, daughter of Rev. Charles Northrop of Glasgow, Scotland. Florence is shown in the 1901 Sudbury Census residing with her aunt and uncle, the Howey’s.

The middle photo is again Florence Northrop around the time of her marriage to William MacLeod. She was to become quite an accomplished artist painting nature in water colours and oils. A highly cultured lady, she had graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.A. and wrote poetry, self publishing a work of poems entitled ‘Verse and Worse’.

The photo on the right is a gathering for a birthday celebration for Florence and William’s twin daughters, Florence Jean and Elizabeth. (Shown 2nd & 3rd from the left in the middle row). They were born in 1911, the year after their parent’s marriage. Florence was almost 40 years of age at the time and the twins were delivered, of course, by Dr. Howey!

We would love to know the other people in this photo.

Photos are from the private collection of Lynn Gainer.