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Cemeteries by Gary Peck

Much of 2020 involved the finalizing of the Lasalle Cemetery document. Our last newsletter published the 33 names of the volunteers who worked over the past number of years to finalize our work at Lasalle. This has been our most ambitious project. In the fall, the focus shifted to the updating of Chelmsford St. Joseph, Dowling Maplecrest and Chelmsford Protestant Cemeteries. The intent is that these cemeteries will be published in 2021. Again, a thank you is extended to Pauline Emond and Rochelle True for their weekly volunteering for the Branch Cemeteries committee.

A Ribbon of Civilization

The buzz in the world of Canadian genealogy continues to be the availability of the 1921 Census. Thanks to John Allan of the Sudbury District Branch the data now is available in a more accessible format. Twenty-Five books contain the scanned census records roughly from Bruce Mines in the west to the northern tip of Renfrew County in the east, north to Chapleau and south to the French River. Districts include Manitoulin, Algoma East, Sudbury, Nipissing, part of Algoma West and part of Renfrew County. Aiding researchers is a Table of Contents and relevant maps at the front of each volume and tabs within each volume helping with the obvious division of data. In conversation with John, he described the project a record of “a ribbon of civilization.” Though this is a ‘John Allan Project’, assisting were a number of Branch members including Pauline Emond, Gary Peck, Rochelle True, Nancy Vaillancourt and Diane Valcourt. Thank You John for initiating the most recent Sudbury District Branch Project. Not surprisingly the books are generating interest among local genealogists.

Held at the Mackenzie St. Branch of the Sudbury Public Library