Surname Index

This is an searchable list of the over 100,800 names contained within the various publications that have been published by the Sudbury District OGS Branch. You will find the particulars for each publication, as well as ordering information, under ‘Branch Publications‘.

The names indexed are from the following publications

Benny Cemetery
Benny Top of the Hill R. C. Cemetery
Biscotasing Cemetery
Blezard Valley Cemetery 
Capreol Cemetery
Chapleau Municipal Cemetery
Chapleau Protestant Burying Ground
Chapleau Kebsquasheshing River/Pump House Cemetery
Chapleau Roman Catholic Cemetery
Chapleau St. John’s Indian Residential School Cemetery
Chelmsford St. Joseph Cemetery
Cooperative Funeral Home
Copper Cliff St. Stanislaus
Foleyet Lee Valley
Foleyet Notre-Dame des Sept Douleurs (New) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Foleyet Notre-Dame des Sept Douleurs (Pioneer) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Foleyet St. John’s Anglican/Protestant Cemetery
Garson Good Shepherd 
Garson St. John’s Cemetery
Gogama Cemetery
Hanmer St. Jacques Roman Catholic Cemetery 
Jackson and Bernard Funeral Home
Leclair Funeral Home
Markstay Pinehill – Updated 2019
Markstay St. Mark – Updated 2019
Massey Area River Road
Massey Area Zion Lutheran
Massey Grandview Protestant
Massey Immaculate Conception R.C.
McKim Twp, Sudbury, ON, First Landowners
Nairn Centre Community
Nairn Centre R. C.
Rivière Veuve Royal Centre Cemetery – Updated 2019 – formerly Markstay    (Loughrin) St. Jean de Dieu
St. Charles New 2022
Sellwood By the River 
Sellwood Top of the Hill 
Sudbury Civic Memorial Cemetery
Sudbury – Land Registry Office Wills
Sudbury McFarlane Cemetery
Sudbury Park Lawn Cemetery (Sections A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K) Sudbury Lasalle (Sections 1, 2, 3A, 3B, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) Updated 2020
Wahnapitae Catholic 
Wahnapitae Protestant 
Walford Protestant Cemetery
Walford R. C. Cemetery
Warren Protestant – New 2019
Warren Public – New 2019
Warren St. Thomas – Updated 2019
Warren St. Thomas R.C. Cemetery
Webbwood Protestant Cemetery
Webbwood St. Lawrence R.C. Cemetery

Please revisit this site as it is updated with our latest publications of cemeteries, registers, funeral home data, wills, land registry documents and miscellaneous books.  Once you have located an ancestor’s name in the listing, you may obtain all of the data we have on file for him/her by purchasing the publication or by ordering the documented data from our Production and Sales Coordinator.  


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